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The processing plant consists of two mobile transport units as well as a semi-mobile conveyor system. With the help of the impact crusher above all recycled asphalt and recycled concrete is crushed.

The units of the impact crusher plant are installed on a semi-trailer vehicle, the screening plant on a truck and trailer vehicle. The power generation for the whole plant is carried out by a mobile diesel generator which is also installed on the crusher.

Both units of the crusher and screening plant can also be used separately.

  • mobile use for the crushing of demolition concrete (part of which is reinforced) and use for conversion into antifreeze material
    0 - 56 mm
  • mobile use for the crushing of asphalt in blocks into asphalt pellets 0 - 22 mm
  • stationary use in a quarry for the production of antifreeze material 0 - 56 mm and additives for asphalt base layers 0 - 32 mm

  • material acceptance: asphalt material, brick rubble, concrete rubble with concrete reinforcing steel bars up to a diameter of 20 mm
  • granulation: mixed pile 0 – 800 mm edge length
  • crushing performance: 100 – 150 to/h
  • final granulation: 0 – 56 mm
  • screen granulation: 0 – 22 mm, 22 – 56 mm, 56 – x mm (optional)