”Voglwuider Sepp“ Custom Coaster opened in “Rodel- und Freizeitparadies” St. Englmar, Germany

The „Voglwuide Sepp“ is a custom-made coaster, conceptualised by the company of ZIERER Karussell- und Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, with about 758 meters length and a height difference of approx. 27 meters. It was opened to the public in St. Englmar around mid-May and is at present the longest roller coaster in Bavaria. With a speed of approximately 60 km/h, the coaster trains roar down the Egidi Buckel hill and then pass through elongated circular turns and dells that were specifically dug into the ground to simulate a sled ride through the hills and valleys of the Bavarian Forest. While on their course, the trains repeatedly traverse from above the park’s toboggan and watertubing runs. The ”Voglwuide Sepp“ coaster operates with three trains of five cars. Each train resembles a traditional Bavarian horn sled that is pulling a load of timber on its way to the valley, being apparently steered by a decorative head figure of the same name.

Roller coaster Voglwuider Sepp

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