„Zero Accidents“ award for MAX STREICHER S.p.A. branch in Spain

The CLH Group (Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos) has awarded the branch of MAX STREICHER S.p.A. in Spain with the „Zero Accidents“ prize. With this award, the company is honoured for its responsibility in terms of health and safety. Not a single work-related accident was recorded in 2013. On 4th July, Mario Bianchi received the award in Madrid. Since April 2011 the branch in Spain has been maintaining the pipeline network of the CLH Group within the scope of a service contract. Amongst others, the contract covers the replacement of damaged pipeline-sections, repair works and the laying of small new pipeline-sections. CLH operates an oil pipeline system of more than 4,000 km as well as storage facilities for petroleum products in Spain.

Award Zero Accidents

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