First Advanced Dark Ride System manufactured by ZIERER

GHOSTBUSTERS 5D – new attraction at Heide Park Ressorts Soltau, Germany...

ZIERER has realised in collaboration with its media partner Triotech its first Advanced Dark Ride system at Heide Park Ressorts Soltau, Germany. The system with the name GHOSTBUSTERS 5D is an interactive amusement ride with multimedia effects. The ride has been introduced to the press in April 2017 and afterwards officially opened to the public. The Dark Ride System has ever since been giving passengers the illusion of immersing into the world of ghosts.

ZIERER offers with this Dark Ride System a rail-guided vehicle, which offers the possibilities for Pitch & Roll as well as rotating. In total, the facility comprises 9 vehicles, which are approximately 3.5 m long and 2.5 m wide, including decoration. Each vehicle has 2 rows of seats for 4 persons each. Each vehicle includes 15 loudspeakers, four seat vibrators and a leg tickler, which touches the passengers at the legs, as well as 4 fans to provide wind effects and a switch cabinet for the control system. In addition, for each passenger there is an infrared camera serving as a "proton beam", which is used for targeting the ghosts as well as a display for the individual hits.


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