Media Supply from one Source

Construction of gas, water, district heating pipelines, geothermal drillings...

STREICHER designs, executes and maintains supply lines for the media gas, water, electricity and district heating as well as fibre optic cables, communication and waste water lines. The customers include local authorities and energy supply companies as well as industrial companies and privat citizens.

Whether the lines are laid above or below earth or inside of plants - the scope of services comprises a lot of different laying methods. These also include trenchless laying of pipelines by conventional, torpedo or vibratory plough as well as horizontal directional drilling up to a length of 500 m and a diameter up to 600 mm. Within near-surface geothermal projects alternative energy sources are developed by using probes. Services (pressure tests, damage analysis, sanitation concepts) and on-call duties complete the scope of service in local network construction.

In public utilities STREICHER is certified according to DVGW (W1, G1 und FW1).

Scope of Services

Engineering, Pipeline Construction and Civil Engineering

for the following pipeline systems:

  • Gas
  • Water
  • District heating/biogas
  • Electricity
  • Telephone/telecommunication
  • Industrial lines
  • Waste water
  • Laying of cable conduits (optic fibres, broadband)

Alternative Laying Methods

Laying by conventional or torpedo plough

  • Gas and water pipelines out of PE and up to da 225, also as descent pipeline
  • Laying of cable conduits for electricity and communication lines
  • Laying of different divisions within one operation
  • Laying depth down to 2.50 m

Laying by vibratory plough

  • Gentle to surfaces
  • High laying performance
  • Wide range of applications
  • Only small working space necessary
  • Laying depth down to 2 m

Trenchless horizontal directional drilling method

  • Crossings of railway lines, roads and waters
  • Descent lines
  • Parallel installations
  • Rock drillings

Trench preparation by self-propelled trench cutting machines

  • Operation in case of confined space conditions or sensitive surfaces
  • Combined excavation and construction of pipeline using conveyor belts
  • High excavation performance
  • Optimal sole preparation and soil granulation
  • Potential simultaneous sand embedding
  • Operation in case of rocky soil types and compact rock possible
  • Trench depth down to 3 m, trench width up to 1 m

Special Works

  • Near-surface geothermal projects: drillings with geothermal probes and well drillings
  • Filtering wells
  • Collection of landfill gas
  • Blowing in and splicing optic fibres


  • Maintenance of pipelines
  • On-call duties

Reference Projects

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