Snam Rete Gas awarded MAX STREICHER S.p.A. with the „Contractors‘ Safety Trophy“ for the second time

After 2016, once again this year, MAX STREICHER S.p.A. has received the award „Contractors‘ Safety Trophy“ for its careful and responsible activities under strict safety conditions from Snam Rete Gas.

Despite the high number of working hours within Snam projects, MAX STREICHER S.p.A. registered no accidents. The basis for this award are the evaluation of HSE criteria, e.g. number of safety related incidents, audit results and inspections.

Mario Bianchi, chairman of the board of MAX STREICHER S.p.A., explains the background: „Some years ago several smaller projects laid the foundation for the cooperation of MAX STREICHER S.p.A. with the customer Snam. The high quality of our services in pipeline and plant construction, our adherence to schedule and the compliance with demanding safety standards intensified the cooperation.“ Therefore, within the last years major projects like the gas storage facility in Bordolano or the gas pipelines between Zimella, Cervignano and Mortara were carried out.

With the realisation of this contracts and further complex pipeline and plant projects, MAX STREICHER S.p.A. has developed to a leading company in this business sector in Italy. Today the company records an annual turnover of about 100 millions Euro.

Award "Contractors’ Safety Trophy"

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