Pipeline and plant construction according to international standards

The scope of services of STREICHER SK, a. s. with its headquarters in Žilina/Slovakia includes the manufacturing of gas plants and pipeline construction. The customers are primarily companies from the energy sector, particularly from the gas industry, located in Slovakia and other European countries.

Within the pipeline construction sector, gas pipelines with dimensions of up to DN 1400 and pressure stages of up to PN 100 are carried out and rehabilitated. The activities also include trenchless methods and works on pipelines, which are under operation.

In the sector plant construction, the company concentrates on the construction and assembly of gas pressure regulating and metering stations. Periodic service and maintenance works guarantee a smooth operation after the commissioning.

In close cooperation with other companies of the STREICHER Group, projects which fulfil all international challenges, are realised. Besides the common quality, environment and safety standards the company is certified for the production of gas vessels and steel structures as well as numerous welding procedures (EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001, EN ISO 45001, EN ISO 3834-2, EN 1090-1+A1, EN 1090-2+A1, AD 2000- Factsheet HP 0 / HP 100R).

Scope of services

Pipeline construction

  • Design, engineering, construction and service of gas and water pipelines of all dimensions and pressure stages
  • Welding of steel and PE pipelines
  • Testing chambers for gas pipelines
  • Closing of pipelines with bag positioning devices
  • Execution of house connections
  • Rehabilitation of gas pipelines via trenchless methods (relining and burst lining)
  • Pressure testing and revision of gas and pressure plants
  • Stopple works

Plant construction

  • Construction and assembly of gas pressure regulating and measuring stations and odorisation systems
  • Maintenance and service for plants
  • Production and assembly of welded steel structures and pressure vessels
  • Production and assembly of refinery vessels
  • Regulating stations for house connections
  • Pressure tests and revision of gas and pressure stations and electrical systems
  • Planning of gas grids and gas transfer stations
  • Planning of gas plants, e.g. outlet and regulating stations, odorisation plants
  • Design of pressure vessels
  • Planning and design of steel structures


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