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MAX STREICHER S.p.A. carries out construction activities for the new compressor plant in Sergnano/Italy

Snam Rete Gas has commissioned MAX STREICHER S.p.A. with different procurement and construction works for the construction of the new compressor plant in Sergnano/Italy. The scope of activities includes in detail: all mechanical, civil and E&I works, including the construction of a control cabinet for auxiliary power unit and transformers, several buildings, one warehouse for strategic spare parts and the access road over a distance of 500 m. The new plant will be located on an area of 120,000 m². It will be equipped with three single stage turbo compressors with a performance of 13 MW each, separators and auxiliary systems. Moreover, the plant is already designed for the future installation of two additional compressor units with a performance of 25 MW each. The main works shall be completed by the end of 2017.

MAX STREICHER Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG manufactures components for the power plant project Azura Edo in Nigeria

On behalf of Siemens AG, MAX STREICHER Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG manufactured a gas supply system for a gas turbine power plant with a performance of 450 MW in the South of Nigeria. The plant is part of the power plant project Azura Edo. STREICHER’s scope of service included the design, engineering and complete manufacturing of the gas supply system. The approval took place at the completely pre-assembled system in the production halls of MAX STREICHER Anlagentechnik. The consignment comprises 23 containers (40‘), which were disassembled, packed and transferred for shipping to Hamburg within only one week. At the construction site the plant will be errected by a local installation company. The modular design concept guarantees a quick and easy assembly of the plant on site. The production phase was finished in mid of January 2017. The delivery date is planned within the first quarter of 2017. Azura Edo is a comprehensive power plant project of Azura Power West Africa. Distributed over several phases, plants with a complete capacity of 1.5 GW shall be errected. The current subproject – phase I - will be ready for operation in July 2018.

Laying of the natural gas loopline Schwandorf-Forchheim-Finsing

On behalf of Open Grid Europe GmbH (OGE), MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA executes two lots of the natural gas loopline between Schwandorf and Finsing in a joint venture (ARGE Bavaria Loop Nord). Lot 1 extends to a length of 62.6 km from Schwandorf to Forchheim. In addition to the laying of the pipeline, the ARGE Bavaria Loop Nord has also been commissioned with the construction of five new valve stations and the extension of two gas pressure regulating and measuring stations along the route. Lot 2 comprises 77 km and runs from the OGE/bayernets station in Forchheim to the new measuring and regulating station in Finsing, South of the airport in Munich. The construction period for both lots is scheduled from autumn 2016 to the end of 2018. The new loopline with a diameter of DN 1000 is designed for a pressure of 100 bar. The loopline shall increase the transport capacity of the natural gas pipeline network in North-South-direction and significantly contribute to the security of energy supplies in Bavaria.


MAX STREICHER S.p.A. was assigned with the HSE prize of STOGIT as best contractor in 2015. The ceremony was held in Bordolano/Italy. MAX STREICHER S.p.A. has been chosen among 38 contractors and awarded for its performances.  As of today, only within the Bordolano gas storage project, STREICHER has been working more than 1.5 million man-hours without LTI. The representatives of the customer STOGIT, Cesare Vecchietti (2. f. r.) and Paolo Bacchetta (r.) as well as Giovanni Muriana (2. f. l.), managing director of MAX STREICHER S.p.A., and chairman of the board, Mario Bianchi (l.) were very pleased during the honouring ceremony.

MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA received the IPLOCA Health & Safety Award 2016

MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA was honored with the 2016 IPLOCA Health & Safety Award, sponsored by Chevron for a so called jump scale, that indicates which forces affect the human body even when jumping from a low height. The scale shall strengthen the safety awareness of the user: e.g. a man weighing 80 kg jumps from 40 cm height to the floor, the weight force is about four times of his own body weight – thus 304 kg. During the last STREICHER winter training for work safety, the jump scale was already presented to the employees and they also had the possibility to test it during the event. The objective is to point out the risks and possible physical effects of jumps and to avoid them in daily routine. In mid-September, IPLOCA HSE Committee Chairman Bruno Maerten (l.) and IPLOCA President Atul Punj (r.) presented the price to Giovanni Muriana (m.), Managing Director of MAX STREICHER S.p.A. and representative of the mother company, during the annual convention of IPLOCA in Paris.

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