Bridge Construction and Civil Engineering

New Construction or Redevelopment, Concrete Construction...

Latest technology, long-time experience and the extensive know-how of company owned engineering offices guarantee quality and the execution of complex projects in the sector of bridge construction and civil engineering on schedule.

Scope of Services

Bridge Construction Using all Common Construction Methods

  • Free cantilevering construction
  • Incremental launching (hydraulic constructions, temporary columns and beaked forebuilding available)
  • Soffit scafolding method
  • Composite steel structures
  • Enclosures/tunnels (tunnel formwork carriages available)
  • In-situ concrete valting underpass (falsework for different spans available)
  • Concrete carriers
  • Arch component carriers
  • Bonded precast concrete beams

Bridge Redevelopment

  • Structural inspection
  • Demolition
  • Sealing works
  • Shotcrete
  • Steel structures for railings

Engineering Office for Different Planning Tasks

Concrete Construction for Pipelines and Plants

Flood Protection Facilities