Reference Projects Pipelines and Plants

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Western Route Export Pipeline Project

Construction of export route for crude oil from the Sangachal Terminal
in Azerbaijan to the Black Sea loading terminal at Supsa in Georgia
Lengths: 748 m, 945 m, 1,291 m


SCPX project (Azerbaijan)

Scope of work: execution of five river crossings for the installation of a 48" pipe using the HDD method
Lengths: 645 m, 703 m, 867 m, 964 m, 616 m

Devil Creek development project (Western Australia)

Scope of work: shore approach for the installation of a 16’’ gas pipeline, pipeline construction and commissioning
Length: 2,100 m



Pipeline connection Mittelplate (Germany)

Scope of work: connection between offshore drilling platform Mittelplate and onshore facility with five HDD rigs
Lengths: 15,000 m; 6 sections
Diameter: 10", 6"



Natural gas storage facility Jemgum (Germany)

Scope of work: crossing of landscape protected area with two 350 t HDD rigs
Lengths: 1,716 m, 1,663 m, 1,528 m
Diameter: well 48“, pipe DN 900



Qeshm Island (Iran)

Scope of work: crossing of "Strait of Hormuz“ between Iranian mainland and island Qeshm for installation of 16“ product pipe as connection line
Length: 3,060 m 



Macedon field development project (Australia)

Scope of work: dune crossing
Lengths: 2 x 890 m
Diameter: 20“, 30“ 



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