Reference Projects Pipelines and Plants

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Horizontal Directional Drillings for water pipeline Bogen/Straubing (Germany)

Execution of horizontal directional drillings under the rivers Kinsach and Danube in the area of Bogen/Straubing; expansion of the local drinking water supply   
Total length: about 1,800 m (one drilling of 200 m, two drillings of 800 m each), DN 200 or DN 400
Directional drilling method; use of the self-developed, fully electric driven horizontal directional drilling rig HDD80-E


Western Route Export Pipeline Project (Azerbaijan)

Construction of export route for crude oil from the Sangachal Terminal
in Azerbaijan to the Black Sea loading terminal at Supsa in Georgia
Lengths: 748 m, 945 m, 1,291 m


SCPX project (Azerbaijan)

Scope of work: execution of five river crossings for the installation of a 48" pipe using the HDD method
Lengths: 645 m, 703 m, 867 m, 964 m, 616 m

Devil Creek development project (Western Australia)

Scope of work: shore approach for the installation of a 16’’ gas pipeline, pipeline construction and commissioning
Length: 2,100 m



Pipeline connection Mittelplate (Germany)

Scope of work: connection between offshore drilling platform Mittelplate and onshore facility with five HDD rigs
Lengths: 15,000 m; 6 sections
Diameter: 10", 6"



Natural gas storage facility Jemgum (Germany)

Scope of work: crossing of landscape protected area with two 350 t HDD rigs
Lengths: 1,716 m, 1,663 m, 1,528 m
Diameter: well 48“, pipe DN 900