Process Engineering

Wiped Film and Short Path Distillation Plants as well as Toll Distillation

VTA Verfahrenstechnische Anlagen GmbH & Co. KG and UIC GmbH are specialised in the field of thermal process engineering.

The main focus of production are thin film and short path distillation plants at laboratory, pilot and industrial scale as well as the manufacturing of the components. These distillation plants are operated for purification, concentration, removal of low boilers, colour improvement and drying of products in various industries. Thin film evaporators can also be used as reboilers for distillation columns. There are applications for thin film distillation in the chemical, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, polymer and food chemistry industries.

In addition to the manufacturing of plants and apparatus for wiped film and short path distillation, VTA performs feasibility studies, process development, laboratory and pilot trials. The tests are carried out on laboratory and pilot plants of different design and size in the company's technical centre.

Moreover, the company offers toll distillation for a wide range of different products.

Process Engineering

Plants for Mixing, Reaction, Drying and Grinding

The subsidiary LIPP Mischtechnik GmbH also belongs to the business sector process engineering. The company provides machines, systems and services for mechanical and thermal processes in the fields of mixing, reaction, drying and grinding – e.g. the agglomerate–free wetting of powders with liquids or the conching of chocolate.

Scope of Services


  • Wiped film evaporators/thin film evaporators
  • Short path evaporators
  • Thin film dryers
  • Horizontal thin film evaporators
  • Glass lined evaporators

Laboratory and Pilot Plants

  • Wiped film distillation units
  • Short path distillation units
  • Wiped film distillation units with rectification column
  • Multi-stage distillation systems

Industrial Plants

  • Plants for wiped film and short path distillation - from design and manufacturing to assembly and commissioning

Package Units

  • Skid mounted, pre-assembled systems in industrial scale for wiped film and short path distillation, rectification and thin film drying

GMP Plants

  • (Current) Good Manufacturing Practice, (c)GMP - plants, which meet the high standards of the production of drugs and ingredients

Explosion Protected Plants

Laboratory and Pilot Tests

Toll Distillation

Plants for Mixing, Reaction, Drying and Grinding

Machines, Plants and Services for the Following Activities in Process Engineering:

  • Mixing – homogenising/high shearing
  • Drying/reacting
  • Conching
  • Rapid conching
  • Chocolate production
  • Chocolate/sweets rework
  • Disintegration/grinding

Reference Projects