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Drilling Rig Technology

Full-electrically driven horizontal drilling rig HDD80-E

Thrust / Pullback: 800 kN (80 t)
Max. spindle torquet: 57,000 Nm (max. 70,000 Nm)
Max. spindle speed: 100 U/min
Power rating: 400 kVA
Mud pump flow: 1,500 l/min
Max. mud pump pressure: 62 bar
Max. drill pipe range: 9.5 m (range II)


Mobile Geothermie Workover Rig GWR 100

Max. hook load: 100 tons
Max. Break-Out Torque: 47,000 Nm (34,686 ft-lbs.)
Max. Handling Load Capacity: 3,000 kg (6,600 lbs.)
Pipe Storage Length: 6.0 m (19.7 ft) on each side


Offshore drilling rig VDD 400

Max. drilling depth: ~ 5,000 m
Max. hoisting capacity: 400 short tons
Max. torque: 85,000 Nm
Automatic pipehandling system
Field(s) of application: offshore



Mobile drilling and workover rigs

Max. hook load: 80 tons / 93 tons, e.g. MD 80.1 and MD 80.2
Max. hook load: 150 tons / 250 tons, e.g. MD 150 and MD 250

Slanted drilling rig

Max. hook load: 150 tons, e.g. SVR 150


Recertification BOPs

Cameron U-Type 13 5/8" Double RAM 10k, Cameron U-Type 13 5/8" Double RAM 5k,
Cameron U-Type 13 5/8" Single RAM 5k, Cameron D-Type 13 5/8" Annular 5k,
Shaffer Spherical 13 5/8" Annular 5k, Shaffer LWS 21 1/4" Double RAM 2k,
NOV Spherical 21 1/4" Annular 2k, Shaffer LWP 7 1/16" Double RAM 3k,
Cameron D-Type 7 1/16" Annular 3k, T3 Diverter 30" 500 psi

Upgrade of drilling rigs

Drilling rig T12
Modification of a band brake to a disc brake

Construction of a BOP control unit

BOP control unit for the subsidiary DrillTec GUT GmbH Großbohr- und Umwelttechnik

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