Complete Service in Pipeline Construction

Design and Construction of Pipelines for Natural Gas, Oil, Hydrogen...

The pipeline construction sector is one of STREICHER’s core competences. Decades of international experience and an extensive technical know-how guarantee an execution of complex major projects in time and make innovative customised solutions possible.

When carrying out pipeline construction projects, STREICHER counts on qualified personnel, the latest machinery and special technologies, individually tailored to the requirements of the project. The companies of the STREICHER Group have flexible access to human or technical resources and thereby can fulfil all requirements which are necessary for major pipeline construction projects.

The certification according to national and international standards provides a maximum of safety at the construction sites and a convincing quality of the services - from design and execution to commissioning.

Scope of Services

Engineering and construction of pipelines up to 60’’ for natural gas, crude oil, water, hydrogen, chemical products and aviation fuel supply systems

Our scope of services includes:


  • Draft and detailed planning
  • Detailed planning of special routes
  • Conduction of stability analyses


  • Purchasing of material

Civil Engineering

  • Topsoil excavation
  • Opening of pipetrench
  • Closing of pipetrench
  • Erosion control measures
  • Restoration

Pipeline Construction

  • Bending of pipes
  • Automatic welding
  • Procedure testing
  • Permanent control of welding procedures
  • Lowering the pipe strings with pipe fitters
  • Joint welding by hand or automatic methods

Special Works

  • Crossings of streets or water crossings with open or trenchless methods
  • Assembly of valves
  • Execution of pig traps
  • Work on steep slopes
  • Execution of pipe storages for different media, e.g. hydrogen


  • Pressure tests
  • Caliper pigging, intelligent pigging
  • Cleaning and drying of pipelines
  • Leckage detection
  • Cathodic protection: detection of coating damages, remote revision of pipelines
  • Maintenance of pipelines: inspection, control of important operation points (e.g. valve stations)
  • Clearance of routes (e.g. winter road clearance)
  • Switching operations on high pressure gas network
  • Complete repairs (even in case of pipelines, which are under pressure)
  • Standby services

Reference Projects