Reference Projects Civil and Structural Engineering

Conduit Construction

"Landshuter Straße - Construction Section II" Sewer System in Erding Renovated (Germany)

Due to the overloading of the sewer system, the direction of flow was changed in the "Landshuter Straße" area between "Hans-Kogler-Weg" and "Dr.-Henkel-Straße" and the existing mixed water pipe was enlarged.


  • Construction of a new sewer with a slope reversal to the north
  • Construction and installation of a DN 500 pipe


Development of the Construction Area "Obere Gartenstraße" in Postau (Germany)

Development of the building area "Obere Gartenstraße" in Postau with 19 plots by canal and road construction works. Additional construction of a rainwater retention basin and a wall north of the development area.

Munich Airport, Expansion Apron East, Modul C-15.1, Conduit Construction (Germany)

Reconstruction of fuel water and rainwater canals in a 77,000 m² large apron area of the Munich Airport
Construction of a 255 m long storage canal 1.90 m x 3.50 m, construction of 6 cast-in-place concrete ducts and 27 prefabricated component ducts with a diameter of DN 1000 to DN 2000, laying of 850 m steel reinforced concrete pipe canals with a diameter of DN 600 up to DN 1000 as well as the construction of a separator plant NG 150, the construction works took place in the groundwater area
Executed in a joint venture

Development of the Building Area "Schlossstraße", in Münster (Bavaria/Germany)

Development (road- and conduit construction) for the area "Schlossstraße" including rain and waste water sewer

Development of the Building Area WA "Schneidinger Feld", Oberschneiding (Germany)

Development of the building area with 32 parcels, including road construction, surface drainage with house connections and cisterns, wast water sewer with collection chambers, rainwater retention basin, water pipeline and gas pipeline construction

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