Policy Statement Health, Safety, Environment, Energy Efficiency and Quality (HSE-Q)

Health, Safety, Environment, Energy Efficiency and Quality are central corporate aspects inside the STREICHER Group. To achieve these objectives, the STREICHER Group has implemented a company-wide Integrated Management System (IMS), which covers all aspects and policies of the Health, Safety, Environment, Energy and Quality Management. This commitment is emphasised by the certifications according to SCCp, ISO 14001 as well as ISO 9001, API SPEC Q1 and ISO 50001. Additionally, the STREICHER Group is an active participant in the "Umweltpakt Bayern", which is a voluntary agreement between Bavarian businesses and the Bavarian state government for the protection of the environment.

The STREICHER Group has set itself the following corporate goals:

  • To conduct all activities taking into account the health and safety of all employees, partners and involved third parties and to prevent pollution and damage to the environment (ZERO-accident/incident-strategy)
  • To take environmental compatibility and energy efficiency aspects into consideration in product planning and the provision of services and to complete projects in a sustainable and resource­conserving manner
  • To promote employee motivation via autonomous working, comprehensive training and further education and the provision of the most modern work equipment available
  • To jointly and continuously optimise operative processes to make them as efficient as possible
  • To systematically implement all legal, normative and client-specific requirements demanded of us via result-orientated processes
  • To accompany clients from the initial contact to finding tailored solutions and through to project execution and follow-up
  • To deliver the products or services required by the client within the agreed deadline, on competitive terms and in the best possible quality
  • To use our Code of Conduct to convey our ideas of ethically and socially correct behaviour to employees as well as suppliers and subcontractors as the basis for conducting business
  • To work with qualified partners and maintain long-term business relations

Declaration of Principles (LkSG)


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