Reference Projects Civil and Structural Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

Danube River Expansion between Straubing and Vilshofen (Germany)

Expansion of the waterway, upgrading of the flood protection system
by MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA & STREICHER Tief- und Ingenieurbau Jena GmbH & Co. KG
Polder Sulzbach:
Dyke rebuilding over a length of approx. 3 km, height: max. 5 m higher than the surrounding terrain, partial relocation, modification of a trough bridge
(passable even during high water periods)
Polder Offenberg-Metten:
Raising new dyke section – length: approx. 3.6 km, partial relocation, elevation up to 5 m above ground, 2,150 m of dike inner seal milled
New replacement building of the pumping station in Metten:
All civil engineering/special civil engineering work as well as concrete construction and finishing work

Reconstruction of "Stör"-River Waterway within the Nature Reserve "Lewitz" (Germany)

Channel elevation and widening over a length of 2 km: Pressing of a sheet pile wall, removal of topsoil and covering of a new topsoil, installation of fill soil and filter, demolition of existing shore protection, vibration of a filter fleece into the subsoil with steel plates (special STREICHER-technique), construction of the revetment of natural stone on geotextile, installation of a gravel-bearing layer with geogrid
Special conditions/terms:
Supply of bulk materials and construction materials exclusively from water side possible
Old bridge structure (vibration prevention)
Extensive, official ecological construction supervision

Accident Measures in "Stör"-River Waterway (StW) within the Nature reserve "Lewitz" (Germany)

Short-term acceptance of the measures outside the actual construction site, relocation of an existing side trench at the dam break (length 800 m), construction of a service road, dam reinforcement, additional culverts made of DN 1000 steel pipes, new construction of the inlet area of a culvert structure

Oder Dike Rehabilitation Schwedt (Germany)

Complete removal and reconstruction of the dike (length: approx. 800 m)
Rehabilitation of existing dike at a length of 1.3 km
Renovation within several phases
Supply of components and bulk materials via water with own push boats and barges

Expansion "Langer Trödel" between Zerpenschleuse and Liebenwalde (Germany)

Expansion of this canal section and connection to the Finow canal
Construction of a lock, construction of three movable bridges (two folding bridges and one lift bridge)
Expansion of canal incl. dredging works, clearing out of dead wood and providing of the structure gauge of approx. 7 km, construction of three alternative beaver habitats incl. compensation measures for plants

Redesign Port Torgau (Germany)

Construction and equipment of a new quay wall (length: 415 m, detached height from harbour floor: 10 m), renewal of railway tracks, production and installation of drainage systems incl. drop structures with release to the harbour basin, construction of road infrastructure