Reference Projects Mechanical Engineering

Amusement Rides

Fire Simulation System for Firefighting Exercises at Airports, Germany

Construction of fire simulation system (consisting of 7 modules),
incl. true to scale cockpit and central fuselage section, hand over and commissioning tests in March 2022
Loading dimensions: 20-foot containers (for  transport by road or rail)

Family Free Fall Tower / Jet Ski (Tree Trunk Design)

St. Englmar, Germany

ROLLBOB®-Track – Woody Bob

St. Martin am Tennengebirge, Austria

ROLLBOB®-Track – "Kaiserburg Bob"

Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria

Wave Swinger, Family Freefall Tower, Force-Two Family Roller Coaster, Kontiki Boat, Roundabaout

Ticiland, Switzerland


Multi Seating Coaster

OK Corral, France


Flying Bees

Nigloland, France


Wave Swinger 56

Liseberg, Sweden


Elevated Seating Coaster

Parc Spirou, France


Advanced Dark Ride

Heide Park, Soltau, German