Reference Projects Pipelines and Plants

Underground Power Lines

Development of a Trench Sledge for Laying Cables

Development, design, construction and testing of a trench sledge prototype
for laying HDPE protective pipes or HVDC cables.

Experimental Setup:

Precisely positioned laying of two 300 m long HDPE cable conduits DA 280, two earthing ropes and two cable conduits DA 50.
The bedding material, introduced in a profiled manner, is compacted automatically in layers within two work steps.
The excavator, which previously creates the trench by using GPS control, is coupled to the carriage via the quick-change device and thus functions as a traction unit at the same time and additionally supplies the compressors with hydraulic energy.


High-voltage Line from Niedertaufkirchen to Hörbering (Southeast of Vilsbiburg, Germany)

Laying of a 110 kV line first newly built high-voltage line in Bavaria according to the regulations of the Energy Industry Act

Total length: 8,595 m; da 160; SDR 11

Drilling lengths: 50 - 350 m

The contract included the complete civil engineering work, construction of the site roads, laying of the protective pipes and a separate fiber optic protective pipe, the construction of eight 110 kV joint bays and the execution of nine road, river and stream crossings using the HDD method.


Horizontal Directional Drillings Emden-Conneforde (Germany)

Execution of horizontal directional drillings for the insertion of 380 kV alternating current high voltage lines
(Pilot project for the examination of the effect of underground cables within the 380 kV three-phase sector on the electric transmission system)
Total length of the drillings: 32,250 m; from da 75 to da 315 mm

Scope of Work:
Horizontal directional drillings
In a joint-venture



Horizontal Directional Drillings for Medium Voltage Power Lines Plattling (Germany)

Execution of horizontal directional drillings underneath the river Isar for the expansion of medium voltage power lines in Plattling  
Total length: about 1,500 m (3 drillings of about 500 m each), DA 250
Directional drilling method; use of the self-developed, fully electric driven horizontal directional drilling rig HDD80-E


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