Reference Projects Civil and Structural Engineering

Bridge Construction and Civil Engineering

Displacement of Top Structure of Fahlenberg Bridge on Gosener Canal (Germany)

Displacement of the bridge's top structure with a total weight of about 620 t
Relocation of the bridge to its new place, 100 m south, as temporary bridge during construciton period
by STREICHER Tief- und Ingenieurbau Jena GmbH & Co. KG

since 2023: demoltion and construction of new Fahlenberg bridge, dismantling of old bridge

Golda-Meir Bridge for Urban District Europacity in Berlin/Germany

Pedestrian and cyclist bridge – complex joint project between STREICHER Tief- und Ingenieurbau Jena GmbH & Co. KG and STREICHER Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
Scope of work: pre-assemby of steel superstructure, dredging works, installation of sheet pile walls, construction of bored piles, formworks/reinforcement works, concrete works abutments, installation, assembly of steel superstructure, special coating
Length: approx. 80 m

New Bridge Construction over the Rott near Postmünster (Execution Period: Nine Months)

New construction of a prestressed concrete bridge in in-situ concrete, consisting of three spans

Scope of work: demolition works, foundation on large bored piles with pile lengths of up to 11 m, construction of the substructures (two abutments and two pillars), construction of the shoring for the superstructure
Material used: around 60 t of reinforced steel, approx. 20 t of prestressed steel, approx. 1,500 m concrete
Total length: around 82 m

Green Bridge over the Federal Highway 15n near Ergoldsbach

Scope of work: excavation and movement of around 75,000 m³ of earth, concrete work among other things, on the vault with an arch area of approx. 2,200 m² and a total volume of around 2,000 m³, construction of the shoring system for the arch shell in three sections, construction of two cornice beams at the ends of the vault, to which the railing was attached, insertion of 700 t steel as reinforcement
Clear height approx. 10 m; Clear width: approx. 47 m;
Span: approx. 54 m;
Total length approx. 62 m

Replacement Construction of the Service Road Bridge over the Saale River in Stöben

Construction of a steel arch bridge with massive abutments in in-situ concrete construction (span 56 m); deep foundation bored piles; production of a superstructure with final storage on four spherical bearings; flood damage repair; bridge construction and road construction; storage of the superstructure on two auxiliary foundations in the Saale river

Renewal EÜ km 51.145 Neuhaus/Pegnitz, Extensor 5903 Nuremberg – Schirnding (Germany)

Concrete frame construction
Clear width: 12.27 m and 17.39 m
The bridge structure, having a weight of 1,400 t, has been manufactured laterally stilted and after that moved to its final position and lowered.

B 470 Bypass Forchheim (Westside), Bridge over the Main-Danube-Canal, BW 1-2 (Germany)

Tied arch bridge with a road plate made out of prefabricated concrete parts and in-situ concrete plate; span length in axle: 83.00 m; the supporting structure consists of two vertical detached steel arches which are assembled by a hanger with stiffening girders to a tied arch bridge („Langerschen Balken“); pre-assembly of the steel superstructure, insertion with the help of a swimming ponton.

BAB A98 Weil am Rhein – Schaffhausen, Rheinfelden/Karsau, Superstructure South (Germany)

Total length: 410 m; gradient: 4%
Manufacturing of the superstructure by the place and thrust method, length = 36 m
From cycle 11 the superstructure has also been pulled because there was not enough friction due to the high gradient.
Length of the cycle: max. about 27 m

Change of the „Donaubrücke Deggendorf“ km 71.211 Main Line 5634 Landshut – Bayer. Eisenstein (Germany)

Construction of the Danube transition parallel to the existing crossing. As part of this project 4 bridge structures were erected: steel framework bridge over the Danube, length = 464 m; in-situ concrete frame construction (bridge “Feldweg”), length = 16.30 m; 2-field prestressed concrete bridge (“Brunnwiesenweg”), length = 66.70 m; 3-field prestressed concrete bridge (“Neusiedler Straße”), length = 42.55 m