Reference Projects Pipelines and Plants

Plant Construction

Laboratory plant for biological methanation (power-to-gas)

Execution of a new biological methanation plant for research purposes for the production of synthetic methane through the conversion of H2 and CO2 by archaea (microorganisms)
Scope of services:
Delivery of a reactor skid, output skid with various vessels for the after-treatment of the generated gas and a heating circuit as well as the necessary electrical engineering (EI&C) for the entire system.
Construction of the vessels, construction of the reactor and output skids, realisation of the automation technology, mechanical work, laying of stainless steel pipes at site, successful factory acceptance test
Grants from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs

Fuel gas supply systems

Gas pressure control and measuring systems LUBMIN 2

  • Technical leadership in the construction of several gas pressure control and metering systems for the natural gas receiving station Lubmin 2

    Range of services in detail:

  • Planning, monitoring and coordination of all work during the project
  • Manufacturing and assembling services as well as EMSR work
  • Commissioning

New gas pressure regulating and measuring station Deutschneudorf, Germany

Pipeline and plant construction (DN 15 - DN 1200)
Prefabrication of pipeline components within a separate production hall  
Laying of underfloor pipes (DN 400 to DN 1200), installation of the entire external pipework of the gas pressure regulating and measuring system including assembly and connection of 13 filter separators with a jacket diameter of 1.10 metres and the corresponding inlet and outlet pipes in DN 400/500 with numerous track and shut-off valves

New gas pressure regulating and measuring station Amberg (Germany)

  • Replacement for the Amberg district control station
  • Turnkey delivery of the station

Scope of Services in detail:

Civil and structural engineering, HP line connection, gas pressure control and measuring system,
Heating system with disturbance variable compensating dew point control, EI&C technology and programming
Performance data: PN25 (70), Vn 12,000 Nm³/h

Gas supply system Azura Edo for Benin City (Nigeria)

Technical data: Design pressure 100 bar, capacity 459 MW, heating capacity 16 MW, welds total 2,500, pipe length total 1,500 m
Scope of services: concept, planning, complete manufacturing of the gas supply system, delivery in 26 containers to Nigeria



BHKW plant for self-sufficient power supply in Ahlen

Assembly of all components of the BHKW plant (6 gas engines, heat exchangers, cooling system and chimneys) as well as pipeline construction for exhaust gas, gas supply, hot water, cooling water, ventilation and oil supply plus their isolation. The assemblies were carried out while parralel running production.


Gas storage facility Bordolano (Italy)

Scope of contract: 3 double-stage turbo-compressor units, gas processing system (LTS-Low Temperature Separator), 7 connecting lines DN 10" and 6 connecting lines DN 6"
Scope of work: construction and installation of gas processing and compressor plant



Turbine technology

Replacement of a gas turbine on compressor station TENP (Germany)

The scope of work includes the replacement of the following units: gas turbine, oil cooler, air intake system, heat exchanger.

Refinery engineering

Reconstruction of furnace PCK Schwedt (Germany)

Scope of work:
Construction of a furnace roof
Prefabrication of radiation zones, convection zones as well as peripheral lines
Disassembly of the existing furnace roof
Hoisting and assembly of the new furnace roof

Assembly of regenerator hood with cyclone unit (Germany)

Scope of work:
Assembly of a regenerator hood for the FCC plant
Assembly of the cyclone unit with 8 cyclone couples,
wall thickness: 22 - 35 mm
Lifting of the regenerator hood (99.8 t) to the pre-assembly rack (height: 14 m)
Connecting and welding with the cyclones as well as the stainless steel flapper valves