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Due to the business sectors Pipelines and Plants, Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering as well as Raw and Construction Material, MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA with its headquarters in Deggendorf is quite diversified. When the company was established in 1909, STREICHER focused exclusively almost on road construction. Now, STREICHER is an internationally operating company, which employs about 4,000 people in approx. 30 locations.

In the 1990s STREICHER first expanded beyond the Bavarian region - since then, national and international projects place new challenges to the company. Besides the excellent technical know-how, further cornerstones of the company development are a solid equity structure and an organic growth of the STREICHER Group.

An increasing demand in energy, especially in natural gas, led STREICHER to extend the scope of services to the business sector Pipelines and Plants in the 1970s. The proof for this decision is evident in the success of national and international projects, e.g. the expansion of the German gas supply infrastructure or the plants for energy storage and energy conversion.

Another important element of the company is the business sector Civil and Structural Engineering. In case of complex major projects in road construction, bridge construction or hydraulic engineering as well as in case of time-sensitive construction sites, e.g. the rehabilitation of motorways within a narrow time frame, STREICHER proves its professional and organisational competence.

Also in the business sector Mechanical Engineering the company has great expertise. Besides the classical apparatus engineering and the sector drilling technology, which has expanded during recent years, STREICHER also has a strong position in the manufacturing of amusement rides. Moreover, STREICHER realises modeling machines and is active in process engineering.

Own quarries and gravel mills as well as asphalt mixing plants at diverse locations in Germany supply materials of high quality for projects of the company group but also for external clients. These activities complement the scope of services in the sector Raw and Construction Material.

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Schwaigerbreite 17
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Phone: +49 991 330-0

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