Quarries and Gravel Mills

for Production of Numerous Bulk Materials

The STREICHER Group makes a contribution to the local raw material supply by manufacturing any kind of bulk materials for road construction, civil engineering and for further processing (asphalt and concrete mixing plants).

The range of products includes mixtures of mineral products, sands, splits and double broken chippings as additives for asphalt and concrete production and also includes special products for soil improvement, compacting and stabilisation.

The company’s own quality control system makes sure that all products meet the requirements of the latest standards and regulations.

Range of Products

Materials for Road Construction and Civil Engineering

  • Classified and unclassified antifreeze
  • Gravel substructures
  • Road surface splits with different grain sizes
  • Double splits and splits of all grain sizes for asphalt and concrete mixing plants

Other Bulk Materials

  • Pre-screening
  • Building rubble
  • Quarry rubble
  • Foundlings
  • Filling sands
  • Mixtures of sand and splits


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