Custom-Made Drilling Concepts in deep Drilling Technology and Workover Applications

Geothermal, Oil, Gas and Hydrogen Drillings...

With its subsidiary DrillTec GUT GmbH Großbohr- und Umwelttechnik, STREICHER is active in deep drilling technology. From engineering to execution of drillings - with highly qualified and international experienced employees, DrillTec offers interdisciplinary complete solutions.

DrillTec operates own drilling rigs, which are based on a modular concept and are equipped with a high level of automation as well as reliable conventional technology. In case of batch drilling projects, the rigs can be moved easily by a special skidding system. Moreover, the rigs are characterised by a small footprint, high mobility and a multifunctional use of the hydraulic system. The drilling rigs, which safety standards meet the requirements of IEC 61508, were designed and manufactured in close cooperation with the division drilling technology. They are permanently improved, too.

The subsidiary has become a well-known partner of the E&P industry. For customers from the oil, gas and geothermal industry, drillings with a depth of up to 5,000 m are executed in a professional way.

Scope of Services

  • Engineering services: design, local authorities procedures, drilling documentation
  • Coordination and services - "integrated services"
  • Drilling of wells for hydrocarbons, geothermal and gas storage wells
  • Difficult workover services
  • Slanted drilling, directional and multilateral wells
  • Abandonment works

Reference Projects