Acceptance of Construction Waste and Processing

of Waste Material

The economical use of resources is one of the main principles of the STREICHER Group. Therefore, the preparation of recycled material to new construction materials is very important. The asphalt recovered from road construction sites during reconstruction is processed in the company’s own mixing facilities and used for the production of asphalt substructures or non-mixed foundation substructures for agricultural roads. Over 50,000 tons of primary raw materials like gravel, sand and mineral rocks are thereby replaced per year.

The processing and recycling takes place locally on the company's construction sites with the company-owned, mobile and high capacity crushing and screening plant and therefore saves storage space and truck transport.

In the abandoned gravel pits in Lauterbach, Schreiersgrün and Bergen it is possible to store the following materials:  

  • Excavated earth material
  • Brick rubble
  • Crushed concrete with and without reinforcement
  • Building rubble
  • Railway ballast and old gravel

After previous agreement it is possible to store other unpolluted materials like slate etc. A precondition for the storage is the presentation of a clearance certificate. For quantities of over 1,000 tons a declaration analysis according to LAGA (2004) is additionally needed. In Bergen, the technical values of Z 1.1, in Lauterbach and Schreiersgrün the values of Z0 / Z0* must not be exceeded.

Furthermore, within the landfill in Jena unpolluted excavated earth can be disposed. A clearance certificate is also necessary for the storage.


Tagebaurestloch Lauterbach
08606 Oelsnitz

Tagebaurestloch Schreiersgrün
08233 Schreiersgrün

Tagebaurestloch Bergen
08239 Bergen

Tagebaurestloch Trockhausen
07646 Trockhausen