Experts in Plant Construction

Gas Pressure Regulating Stations, Turbine Engineering, Refinery Engineering, Tank and Vessel Construction...

The subsidiaries STREICHER Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG in Gommern (near Magdeburg, Germany), MAX STREICHER Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Niederwinkling/district Straubing-Bogen, Germany) and MAX STREICHER S.p.A. (Parma, Italy) form a strong team in the plant construction sector. The company group’s service spectrum in this technical segment ranges from planning and construction to the maintenance of plants. Our services include the support of pipeline systems and plants - like gas measuring and regulating stations, biogas plants, hydrogen plants, industrial plants and more.

Many years of experience and the employees’ competence guarantee plants of the highest technical quality. Companies of the gas and oil industry, the chemical and petrochemical industry, nuclear technology, the starch and paper industry, the urea and fertiliser industry, coal, steel and power plant industry as well as the bio fuel and hydrogen industry are among STREICHER's customers.

Apart from the common safety and quality regulations ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, etc., the companies of the group are certified according to a lot of DVGW standards, e.g. DVGW G 493-1, DVGW G 493-2 and international standards like ASME U-Stamp.

The STREICHER Group has installed a central division electrical engineering and automation technology. It supports the activities in the sectors pipelines and plants as well as mechanical engineering in an interdisciplinary and competent way. With own workshops we can meet the diverse project requirements quickly and flexibly.

Scope of Services

Gas Pressure Regulating and Metering Stations

  • Gas pressure regulating and metering stations including maintenance and repair works
  • M&C- and electro-technical plants in potentially explosive areas and maintenance works
  • Conversion devices and high volume measuring technology
  • Realisation of SPS-based control tasks with station visualization
  • Systems for remote data transmission with IEC 60870-5-104/101

Gas Processing plants

  • Gas drying plants and gas conditioning plants
  • Filters and separators
  • Heat exchangers

Oil Processing Plants

  • Oil separation plants, e.g. parallel plate separators or three phase separators
  • Test facilities for production companies
  • Separators and oil production plants
  • Manifolds
  • Pigs

Biogas Plants

  • Biogas infeed plants and special components
  • Biogas processing plants
  • Compressor stations (incl. packaging)
  • Odorization systems
  • Engineering and design
  • Static analysis and strength calculation
  • Construction, installation, integration
  • Commissioning, maintenance

Hydrogen Plants

  • Hydrogen production - electrolysis & concepts for microbiological processes for hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen storage
    • Pressure tanks
    • Chemical storage
  • Hydrogen application
    • Hydrogen-feed-in plants and compressors
    • Hydrogen filling stations
  • Hydrogen periphery
    • Hydrogen gas pressure regulating and metering stations
    • Hydrogen drying stations
    • Hydrogen dosage systems
  • Complete services
    • Concepts and feasibility studies
    • Engineering, design and planning
    • Project management, incl. manufacturing, assembly, integration and commissioning
  • Repair and maintenance

Tank Erection/Vessel Erection

  • Engineering, static analysis and strength calculations, material procurement, construction and assembly of tanks of up to 100,000 m³
  • Stationary tanks and vessels according to Pressure Equipment Directive  97/23/EG
  • Tank repair

Refinery/Furnace Construction

  • Planning, static analysis and strength calculations
  • Material procurement, construction, assembly, new construction, redesign of recuperators, convection zones, FCC plants
  • Construction of domes for the exchange of entire cyclone systems and air distributors
  • Repair on cyclone systems and air-jet spinning machines and hexmesh

Turbine Technology

  • Major inspections for gas turbines
  • Modification works at the DLN fuel system
  • Conversion of start-up systems
  • Delivery and installation of refrigeration plants, oil mist separators, oil tank vacuum regulators, fuel gas preheating plants

Storage and Compressor Technology

  • Engineering for gas, oil, district heating and water plants
  • Gas compressor stations and surficial plants for gas storage and transport
  • District heating and heat storage plants, drinking and extinguishing water systems, fuelling systems at airports
  • Integration in existing gas, oil and water systems
  • Construction, installation, integration
  • Commissioning, maintenance

Reference Projects