Equipment Technology

Future-focused Equipment

The sector equipment technology provides design, engineering, manufacturing, commissioning and after sales of products based on ecological, efficient and innovative technologies.

Primarily this sector includes our electrically driven inhouse developments– the so called ecotec series. For more details and information on these products please look at

Besides the fully electric driven HDD-E rigs STREICHER has already brought the following products with ecotec label to marketability – a fully electric driven mud pump, that can be used in combination with the HDD-E rigs, electrically driven welding tractors, that are especially on duty within pipeline construction as well as vacuum crawlers, that are used for the efficient removal of soil materials.

Moreover, our goal is to develop our machine fleet with regard to sustainability. Thus, old devices are inspected due to their efficiency and safety-related conditions and reconstructed for applications in future.
An example is the extensive modernisation of the pipe layer Komatsu D355C.
Besides of a significantly reduced fuel consumption based on the replacement of the engine, the device convinces amongst others by its intuitive operating system and an overload warning. This means that this pipe layer (with a considerably improved concept) can be used within pipeline construction for many further years.


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