Reference Projects Civil and Structural Engineering

Landfill Construction

Extension of Basic Sealing of BA1, Southern Flank Main Waste Dump Arlasgrund – Blankenstein (Germany)

Relocation of 2,000 m3 of landfill material
Dismantling of 1,900 m2 of landfill asphalt support layer
Installation of a 2,500 m3 geological barrier made of mineral sealing layer;
the 1st sealing component of 2,400 m3 mineral sealing layer and the 2nd sealing component of 5,000 m2 plastic sealing web
Finishing of a 5,000 m2 geotextile protective layer; 5,000 m2 drainage layer 16/32 incl. cover with geotextile and 5,000 m2 separation and filter layer of ash material of the client
1,500 m2 of landscaping work
Construction of 500 m2 landfill paths

Final Storage Central Part Landfill Adorf (Germany)

Preparation of 600 m gas collecting ditches and a 900 m3 gas distribution layer
Preparation of 13,000 m3 gas-permeable support and balancing layer; 19,750 m3 recultivation layer (underbody), 4,200 m3 recultivation layer (upper floor); 1,600 m3 methane oxidation layer
Laying of 25,500 m2 geosynthetic clay sealing strip; 27,300 m2 plastic sealing membrane; 22,700 m2 geosynthetic drainage system
Execution of 590 m drainage basin; 590 m drainage gore; 210 m pipeline made of DN 300 reinforced concrete or DN 500 reinforced concrete; 7 pieces of precast concrete shafts; 2,540 m2 of unbound road fixing
Seed of 35,000 m2 of lawn; laying of a 23,100 m2 erosion protection mat

Estate Road and Landfill Lining, Macher Paper Mill (Germany)

New construction of an estate road, 30,000 m³ embankment, lining of Macher’s factory landfill with 6,500 m² asphalt sealing and 2,500 m² plastic sealing strips, drainage and sewer in the sector road construction and landfill construction