Reference Projects Civil and Structural Engineering

Landfill Construction

Final storage central part landfill Adorf

Preparation of 600 m gas collecting ditches and a 900 m3 gas distribution layer
Preparation of: 13,000 m3 gas-permeable support and balancing layer; 19,750 m3 recultivation layer (underbody), 4,200 m3 recultivation layer (upper floor); 1,600 m3 methane oxidation layer
Laying of: 25,500 m2 geosynthetic clay sealing strip; 27,300 m2 plastic sealing membrane; 22,700 m2 geosynthetic drainage system
Execution of 590 m drainage basin; 590 m drainage gore; 210 m pipeline made of DN 300 reinforced concrete or DN 500 reinforced concrete; 7 pieces of precast concrete shafts; 2,540 m2 of unbound road fixing
Seed of 35,000 m2 of lawn; laying of a 23,100 m2 erosion protection mat

Estate road and landfill lining, Macher paper mill (Germany)

New construction of an estate road, 30,000 m³ embankment, lining of Macher’s factory landfill with 6,500 m² asphalt sealing and 2,500 m² plastic sealing strips, drainage and sewer in the sector road construction and landfill construction

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