Rides for Theme Parks all around the World

Roller Coasters, Wave Swingers, Carousels, Major and Fun Rides from ZIERER

The subsidiary ZIERER Karussell- und Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG manufactures amusement rides of highest quality and with low maintenance requirements. The famous leisure parks all over the world belong to our customers.

About 75 employees - experienced engineers, technicians, craftsmen and artists - provide customer support from design of new amusement rides to commissioning and after sales service. Besides safety, the company especially is commited to unique design and innovative technical solutions.

Alpine Adventures within Nature

Mountain Innovations GmbH is a subsidiary of ZIERER and develops, manufactures and offers services for customised premium leisure facilities. Apart from amusement parks the focus of the company is the creation of modern alpine worlds of experience and themes that are in harmony with nature.
The core team of 20 employees ensures a smooth operation from project analysis and manufacturing to commissioning and after sales.  


Scope of Services

Roller Coasters

  • Force Coaster
  • Elevated Seating Coaster
  • Multi Seating Coaster
  • Tower Launch Coaster
  • Tower Speed Coaster
  • Vertical Drop Element

Advanced Dark Ride

  • Interactive amusement ride, which offers the possibilities for Pitch & Roll as well as rotating.

Fun Rides

  • Family Freefall Tower
  • Kontiki
  • Ferris Wheel


  • Roundabouts
  • Dragon Boats
  • Jet Skis
  • Flying Gondolas
  • Spin n' Play
  • Great Airplane Ride

Wave Swingers

  • Wave Swingers with a capacity of 40 seats
  • Wave Swingers with a capacity of 56 seats

Major Rides

  • Star Shape
  • Ellipse Flyer

Alpine adventure possibilities

  • Rollbob®
  • Mountain Tower
  • Mountain Waver