Electrical Installation and Energy Technology

A Powerful Partner for Modern Energy Management

The shutdown of conventional power generators, the increasing importance of renewable energies as well as the increasing energy costs – we are facing many challenges in infrastructure and energy technology. Therefore, a modern energy management gets more and more important.

An experienced team of experts carries out complex projects – e.g. in broadband expansion or overhead and cable installation. From design and project planning to construction and assembly – we offer all services from a single source. Our customers are local authorities, energy supply companies, different industries as well as private customers.

Scope of Services

Building Technology

  • E-installation and maintenance of building technology
  • Planning of installations by DDS CAD programme
  • Acceptance test for groundings, building installations and IT infrastructure

Energy Technology

  • Overhead and cable installation up to 20 kV
  • Reconstruction of stations, change of transformers, assembly of street lighting, assembly of special sleeves
  • Live working
  • Cable tests, e.g. sheath fault tests, fault detection, VLF testing
  • Design and realisation of charging infrastructure for e-mobility
  • Design and realisation of substations in medium and high voltage level

Fibre Optic Technology

  • Realisation of broadband projects – from design to final assembly
  • Routing and fibre planning for ESB using cable scout programme
  • Blowing in and splicing works
  • Acceptance tests, e.g. ODTR- and OPM-measurements

Quarries and Mixing Plants

  • Maintenance (asphalt mixing plants, quarries, gravel pits)
  • Construction and retrofit of controls
  • Planning and reconstruction/ improvements for EnMS