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Pipeline Construction

Natural gas pipeline Cervignano - Mortara (Italy)

Construction of a pipeline from Cervignano to Mortara - Lots 1 and 2
Length about 62 km, DN 1400
Scope of work: Civil engineering and pipeline construction, including valve and pig stations
Crossings were built using different methods (microtunneling, direct pipe, open trench)


Natural gas pipeline MONACO between Waldkraiburg and Finsing (Germany)

Construction of a natural gas pipeline (section 3)
Scope of service: All pipeline works (lining, bending, pipe delivery, nondestructive testing, isolation, lowering, connecting, pressure testing, assembly of valve stations) and many other services
Length: 46 km; DN 1200; DP 100; wall thickness: 22.2 mm
Additional services: Pulling in a pipe string to create the culvert for the Inn and Innwerkkanal underpass as a subcontractor (section 2)


Natural gas pipeline between Schwandorf and Finsing (Germany)

Installation of a high-pressure gas pipeline (DN 1000) including all necessary technical equipment; total length: 140 km
Scope of work: Route preparation, civil engineering, pipeline construction, crossings of roads and rivers in different methods, valve stations
In addition, extensions of the valve stations in Berghausen, Steinbach, Aiglsdorf, Zolling, Eitting and Kempfing were carried out


High pressure gas pipeline Arc de Dierrey lot 1 and lot 4 (France)

Construction of the pipeline Arc de Dierrey
Lot 1 from Cuvilly to Betz, length: approx. 61.4 km,
DN 1200
Lot 4 from Dierrey-St-Julien to Viviers-sur-Artaut, length: approx. 63.2 km, DN 1200
Scope of work: civil and pipeline construction works including pipe jacking and river crossings as well as 3 valve stations
Crossing of the river "Seine" with a length of 435 m by the microtunneling "Curveligne" method


High pressure gas pipeline Val de Saône lot 4 (France)

Engineering and construction of a high pressure gas pipeline from Lux to Marliens (France)
Length: 35.8 km, DN 1200
Scope of work: civil and pipeline construction works including pipe jacking and crossings by the microtunnelling method as well as 2 valve stations
Extensive water drainage works (1,280 deep wells and 8 km water pipeline
DN 800)


Water pipeline for power station Rellswerk (Austria)

New construction of a pressure water pipeline
Length: approx. 2.3 km, DN 1000
Origin of the pipeline at a height of 1,450 m above sea level, vertical height:
240 m
Scope of work: EPC pipeline construction


High pressure gas pipeline ZIMELLA – CERVIGNANO (Italy)

Construction of pipeline from Vigasio to Carpenedolo lots 2 and 3
Length: approx. 95 km, DN 1400, DP 75
Scope of work: civil and pipeline construction works including valve stations, crossings by different methods (thrust boring microtunneling, direct pipe), dismantling of the old 34’’ pipeline


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