Reference Projects Pipelines and Plants

Pipeline Construction

Network Expansion of the TENP III Natural Gas Pipeline, Germany

Network expansion of TENP III lots 1 - 4 including dismantling of the TENP I natural gas pipeline from the 1970s

Length: Lot 1 und 2: 51 km; Lot 3: 28.7 km; Lot 4: 31 km
=> in total: 110,7 km (DN 900 und DN 1000)

Scope of Services:
Pipe and civil engineering work, construction of a pig station

Specific Features:
Environmental compatibility of the construction project, which leads through a biosphere reserve and bird sanctuary

Wilhelmshaven Connection Line (WAL), Germany

Execution of the pipeline WAL as connection to the first LNG terminal of Germany (high speed project)

Length: 12.3 km, DN 1000

Scope of Services:
Pipeline construction, civil engineering, extensive dewatering, 12 trenchless crossings using different methods (thrustboring and direct pipe method)

Specific Features:
Very short execution period till mechanical completion (five months), therefore six-day working week necessary; extremely hydrated soils (construction roads with large distance to pipe trench, elaborate dewatering and sheet pile works)

Onshore Pipeline Jutland in Denmark (BALTIC Pipe)

Execution of an onshore natural gas pipeline in Jutland, Denmark

Length: 60 km; DN 800, DN 900, DN 1000
Wall thickness: 12.0 - 40.0 mm

Scope of Services:
Valve and pig stations, crossings using the micro-tunneling, (CFA) continuous flight auger drilling and pipe jacking method, pipe and civil engineering works and comprehensive dewatering

Long-distance Gas Pipeline ZEELINK, Germany

Construction of gas pipeline ZEELINK between Aachen and Mönchengladbach

(infrastructure project within the change of L- to H-gas)

Length: 216 km in total; approx. 61 km, DN 1000

Scope of Services:
Civil engineering, pipe works as well as seven extensions, construction of a gas pressure regulating station, crossings in different methods (micortunneling, direct pipe, thrust boring etc. )



Long-distance Gas Pipeline South Brittany, France

Construction of a gas pipeline between Pleyben and Priziac

Length: approx. 56 km, DN 400

Scope of Services:
Civil engineering, pipe works, crossings (different methods), transmission station


Long-distance Gas Pipeline EUGAL, Germany

Construction of gas pipeline EUGAL between Lubmin on the Baltic Sea and Deutschneudorf on the Saxon-Czech border

Length: 480 km in total; 291 km, DN 1400

Scope of Services:
Civil engineering, drillings, crossings, valve, pig and pump stations


Long-distance Gas Pipeline Erftstadt-Euskirchen, Germany

Construction of EUSAL pipeline between Erftstadt and Euskirchen
(infrastructure project within change of L- to H-gas)

Length: 18.5 km, DN 400

Scope of Services:
Civil engineering, pipe works, gas pressure and regulating stations Kuchenheim and Lechenich, crossings using different methods (microtunneling, thrust boring etc.)


Natural Gas Pipeline Cervignano - Mortara, Italy

Construction of a pipeline from Cervignano to Mortara - Lots 1 and 2
Length: approx. 62 km, DN 1400
Scope of Services:
Civil engineering and pipeline construction, including valve and pig stations;
crossings were built using different methods (microtunneling, direct pipe, open trench)


Natural Gas Pipeline MONACO between Waldkraiburg and Finsing (Germany)

Construction of a natural gas pipeline (section 3)
Scope of Services:
All pipeline works (lining, bending, pipe delivery, nondestructive testing, isolation, lowering, connecting, pressure testing, assembly of valve stations) and many other services
Length: 46 km; DN 1200; DP 100; wall thickness: 22.2 mm
Additional Services:
Pulling in a pipe string to create the culvert for the Inn and Innwerkkanal underpass as a subcontractor (section 2)