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Deep Drilling

Geothermal Drilling (The Netherlands)

Geothermal doublet in Naaldwijk
for Trias Westland B.V

Casing with a glass fibre epoxy inner coating (GRE) for injection and production wells with a length of 3,000 m and 2,600 m.

Geothermal Drilling (The Netherlands)

Geothermal wells (triblet) Hoogeweg Aardwarmte B.V. in Luttelgeest
Depth: up to 2,300 m

Geothermal Drilling (Denmark)

Geothermal well with TB2100S Explorer in Thisted
Coordination of additional services and use of GFK piping
Depth: about 1,300 m

Geothermal Doublet (The Netherlands)

Geothermal doublet (about 3,500 m) in Maasland
for Geopower Vastgoed B.V.

Abandonment (The Netherlands)

Scope of Work:
Dismantling of wells on a former oilfield cluster (plug and abandonment operations)

Depth: approx. 1,400 m
Total: 2 rows (8 and 14 wells) with 66 skids in between

Oil Drillings (France)

Scope of Work:
Oil drillings

Depths: from 2,600 m to 3,000 m
Batch drilling of 4 wells on one drilling site