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Broadband network in Cham for three new expansion areas

Laying of 355 km network cable for 2,714 house connections with fiber optics
Use of environmentally friendly, time and cost-saving methods: e.g. vacuum crawler, cable plough, trench cutter or directional drilling method
Scope of Services:
Preparation of detailed planning, civil engineering, blowing as well as assembly and splicing work including measurements and documentation, construction of 311 cable ducts, installation of 27 cable distribution cabinets
Processing collocation areas in a specific order; excavations in settlement areas with gas transport pipelines under the supervision of the operator; crossings with HDD method; permits (state and county roads, monument protection, nature conservation, water rights, pipeline crossings)

Interconnect Line Kneiting – Nittendorf, Lot 4

Laying of a drinking water supply pipeline (length: 2,135 m; da 500; SDR 11) and a triple cable protection pipe (da 50) for telecommunication by open and closed trench methods (fixed and unfixed surfaces), using a trench cutter and the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method

STREICHER Realises Construction Clusters for the Cham Fiber Optic Network

Laying of more than 300 km network cable for approx. 2,000 house connections with fiber optics (fibre to the home), blowing low-fiber optic cable (VzK) into the assigned speed pipe tube, construction of 255 cable ducts along the main lines, erection of 32 cable distribution cabinets

Use of environmentally friendly, time and cost-saving methods: e.g. cable plough, trench cutter or directional drilling method; massive rock formations  ̶  rock drilling

Intermediate Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline for the District of Krottenmühl (Germany)

Laying of an intermediate pressure natural gas pipeline (approx. 4,100 m; da 160 SDR 17; da 160 SDR 11; da 110 SDR 17) using the directional drilling method and the plough technique.

The scope of services included 49 house connections (da 32 SDR 11 RC; total length of 734m) and installation of a fine layer of asphalt using an asphalt spreader.

Special ecological feature: While commissioning of the gas line the escaping air-methane was burned using a flare – no unburned methane was able to escape into the atmosphere.

Broadband Expansion in Oberbergkirchen (Germany)

Planning, complete routing, civil engineering, laying of empty conduits, speednet pipe assemblies (SNRV), glass fiber cables and installation of 23 multi-function housings and 262 house connections as well as documentation

Civil engineering: 48,000 m; construction of pipe assemblies 57,000 m; glass fiber cable: 132,000 m

Gas Pipeline Mitterteich (Germany)

Laying of a 1,250 m long high-pressure pipeline DN 200, PN 16, in open-trench method
Installation of a valve station DN 100 to DN 300 with stoppling and integration work into the existing gas network PN 70
The pipeline route ran through residential and industrial areas.

Broadband Expansion in Deggendorf and Surroundings (Germany)

Complete routing, surveying, civil engineering, laying of empty conduits, speednet pipe assemblies (SNRV), glass fiber and copper cables and installation of 19 multi-function housings and 16 NVT's, 151 house connections – turnkey delivery
Civil engineering: 39,800 m, 26,000 m new construction of pipe assemblies and 50,000 m empty pipes; glass fiber cable: 97,700 m; copper cable: 622 m


Gas Pipeline and 20 kV Line in Geiersthal (Germany)

Laying of a gas pipeline and 20 kV cables in different networks as well as speedpipes for the broadband development in Geiersthal in the Bavarian Forest
Length: 1.9 km (D 110)
2 systems 630 cable; 2 systems 240 cable; 2 systems 150 cable
Installation of approx. 60 house connections
Laying of two ducts (1.9 km, D 50) and a 150-meter power line (1 km)

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