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Local Network Construction

Broadband expansion in Oberbergkirchen (Germany)

Planning, complete routing, civil engineering, laying of empty conduits, speednet pipe assemblies (SNRV), glass fiber cables and installation of 23 multi-function housings and 262 house connections as well as documentation

Civil engineering: 48,000 m; construction of pipe assemblies 57,000 m;
glass fiber cable: 132,000 m

Gas pipeline Mitterteich (Germany)

Laying of a 1,250 m long high-pressure pipeline DN 200, PN 16, in open-trench method
Installation of a valve station DN 100 to DN 300 with stoppling and integration work into the existing gas network PN 70
The pipeline route ran through residential and industrial areas.

Broadband expansion in Deggendorf and surroundings (Germany)

Complete routing, surveying, civil engineering, laying of empty conduits, speednet pipe assemblies (SNRV), glass fiber and copper cables and installation of 19 multi-function housings and 16 NVT's, 151 house connections – Turnkey delivery
Civil engineering: 39,800 m, 26,000 m new construction of pipe assemblies and 50,000 m empty pipes; glass fiber cable: 97,700 m; copper cable: 622 m


Gas pipeline and 20 kV line in Geiersthal (Germany)

Laying of a gas pipeline and 20 kV cables in different networks as well as speedpipes for the broadband development in Geiersthal in the Bavarian Forest
Length: 1.9 km (D 110)
2 systems 630 cable; 2 systems 240 cable; 2 systems 150 cable
Installation of approx. 60 house connections
Laying of two ducts (1.9 km, D 50) and a 150-meter power line (1 km)

Danube culvert in Waltendorf (Germany)

Execution of two drillings for the construction of a new Danube culvert in Waltendorf/Niederwinkling incl. planning and surveying
Length: 570 m; DA 250 x 33.7; SDR 7.4; distance of the two drill holes to each other: 10 m
Operation with Vermeer D 100 x 140 drilling rig (pulling force: 50 t)

Medium-voltage line between Altdorf and Obermünchen (Germany)

Installation of 4 systems of 20 kV cables and 2x HDPE DA 50 ducts (for control cables)
Different methods of laying: open-trench construction, using of a company-owned cable plough and a trench cutter, HDD method (execution by contractor)
Total length: 13,800 m; thereof 12,800 m underground work and 1,000 m HDD method
In the area of ​​surfaces (asphalt areas), the MV cable lines were laid in cable conduits.

20 kV cable between Flintsbach and Kiefersfelden (Germany)

Laying of a 20 kV cable: 10.5 km parallel cable; 7.7 km single cable and
19 km ducts
Drilling method: horizontal directional drilling
Lengths: 65 to 300 m; total length: approx. 4,000 m
Pipe diameter of drillings: PEHD DA 250/225/200/110/50

Gas supply Bergen/Chiemgau (Germany)

Laying of a 700 m long high pressure pipeline, DN 150, PN 16,
with cable protection tubes: 3 x da 50; 1 x da 160
Laying of a 1.4 km long medium pressure pipeline, da 225, PN 5 and a 4,5 km long medium pressure pipeline, da 160, PN 5
50 house connections
Renewal of three water pipes: 900 m (PEHD), da 110, SDR 11

Executing Companies

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