Reference Projects Mechanical Engineering

Apparatus Engineering

Construction and Transport of a 60 t Component of a Vacuum Chamber, Germany

Production of the central component of a 30 t VIM system (vacuum induction furnace) (over 1,700 locksmith and welder hours), relocation of the welded component from the steel construction hall of STREICHER mechanical engineering to the boring mill hall approx. 500 m away

Then leak testing and surface coating in the steel construction hall, finally shipping to a Chinese special steel manufacturer

Length: 8.7 m long, width: 4.3 m, height: 5.75 m

High Heat Flux Test Facility for Testing of ITER EU First Wall Components

Vacuum Chambers for Extreme Conditions with Super Intense Laser

Continuous Casting Plant

Vacuum Remelting Plant during Final Assembly in the Factory

Ingot-lowering Device for Special Alloys

Moulding Chamber during Machining