Hydraulic Engineering

Dike Construction, Embankment Protection, Port Facilities etc.

The business field of hydraulic engineering includes activities like construction, expansion as well as maintenance and repair near waters, rivers and adjacent areas, which for example serve the purpose of flood protection. The required work takes directly place in, at or on waters and involves special requirements due to preparation, equipment and the employees.

Whether there are earthworks in the field of hydraulic engineering, dike construction, embankment protection or measures to save the water quality – STREICHER offers economic and trend-setting solutions even regarding technically complex projects. Modern machines and equipment as well as highly qualified employees guarantee the completion of different projects on schedule.

Scope of Services

  • Dredging works in flowing and standing waters
  • Waterway construction and regulation
  • Sheet piling works and impact pile driving
  • Dike construction, dike renewal
  • Construction of weirs and locks
  • Construction of port facilities and bridges
  • Construction of fish passes
  • Reinforcement and protection of the embankment  
  • Securing of the waters' quality by using environmentally friendly technologies, tools, materials and biodegradable oils and lubricants
  • Measures regarding ecological permeability of waters

Reference Projects