Technical Services

for Pipeline Systems and Plants

A regular monitoring of pipeline and plant systems guarantees their smooth operation and reduces the risks for accidents significantly. In close cooperation with customers and partners, STREICHER professionally maintains and controls pipeline systems and plants (gas pressure regulating and metering stations, biogas and hydrogen plants etc.) and ensures an interference-free operation. The company supports the operation of pipeline systems and gas plants - including design and coordination of service measures of pipeline and plant systems as well as assembly and disassembly works. Together with the customer, STREICHER develops rehabilitation and maintenance concepts and possible required special solutions.
Moreover, the STREICHER scope of services includes "non-destructive testing" and quality assurance.

These solutions guarantee efficient, flexible and environmental friendly activities - especially within industry plants and locations with a high line density (e.g. valve or compressor stations, petrochemical plants). These also include emergency and damage deployments with special equipment like suction dredger or HDD drilling rigs. A 24/7 on call-duty and fault clearance service for all pipeline networks and plants complete the range of services.

Experienced and highly qualified personnel and subcontractors, bound by contracts as well as the use of state-of-the-art machines and equipment guarantee a smooth service according to current standards, regulations and policies (e.g. EnWG, GasHL-VO, DIN, WHG, DVGW, AGFW, VdTÜV, UVV, BG-regulations, TRBS, TRG, TRF). Different service points as well as the possibility for remote monitoring ensure a short-term and quick fault diagnosis and if necessary repair on site.

Moreover, a team of specialists in the engineering sector is on duty, which is able to professionally execute almost every necessary design activities on time.

Scope of Services

Pipeline Services

  • Pressure tests (resistance and tightness tests) acc. to DVGW G 469
  • Cleaning of pipelines (chemical, mechanical)
  • Air drying
  • Caliper pigging

Pipe Network Monitoring/Pipe Network Maintenance

  • Pipe network monitoring/maintenance for the medium natural gas – further media on request
  • Pipe network monitoring acc. to DVGW G 465 and G 466-1
  • Maintenance, partial services within active network operation, support of external companies

Cathodic Corrosion Protection

  • Design, execution, commissioning, operation and maintenance of cathodic corrosion protection systems for underground metallic plants (e.g. pipelines)
  • Measurement technology of the cathodic corrosion protection systems
  • Remote data control of cathodic corrosion protection systems (design, execution, operation, evaluation)

Factory Networks/Gas Plants at Factory Premises

  • Design, execution, repair of pipe networks of all technical operating gases
  • Monitoring of gas supply plants acc. to DVGW G 614 and G 495
  • Commissioning (including leakage test and installation test)

Gas Pressure Regulating and Metering Stations

  • Maintenance of gas pressure regulating stations acc. to DVGW G 495
  • Periodic inspection of by line pressure vessels acc. to DVGW G 498
  • Commissioning (including leakage test and installation test)

Biogas Feed-in and Processing Plants

  • Systematic maintenance
  • Safety-related support and monitoring (decommissioning/commissioning of plant components)
  • Repair of pipes, E/I&C technology
  • Storage/assembly/disassembly of wear materials

E/I&C Technology, Automation, Control Technology

  • Inspection acc. to DVGW G 495
  • Inspection acc. to DGUV No. 3
  • Design and execution of lightning protection systems
  • Calibration of sensor systems

Fault Clearance Services and On-call Duties

  • Damage deployments with ultra-modern equipment
  • 24/7-on-call duty for repair of energy and supply lines
  • Preparation of rehabilitation concepts including the following execution of the necessary measures after on-call deployments

Process Engineering, Basic and Detailed Engineering in the Sector Pipelines and Plants

  • Planning, engineering and calculation of pressure vessels and tanks
  • Planning of supply engineering plants and installations
  • Design and construction of technical units and components including FEM-analysis
  • Preparation of tender documents including specifications
  • Scheduling and planning of resources
  • Documentation

Engineering and Structural Planning for Solid and Steel Construction

  • Structural planning of solid / steel structures and foundation structures
  • Structural dynamics verifications and analyses
  • Approval planning and detail design
  • Creation of object, formwork, reinforcement, detail and overview drawings
  • Creation of tender documents including specifications
  • Verifiable documentation
  • Fastening technology
  • Feasibility studies
  • Building renovations and special solutions
  • Inventory
  • Construction supervision / quality control

Engineering Construction and Structural Planning

  • Fastening technology
  • Structural planning
  • Static proofs for structural components and buildings
  • Feasibility studies
  • Structural dynamic proofs and analyses

Non-destructive Testing and Quality Assurance

Construction supervision:

  • Inspection plans
  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Wall thickness measurement

Material tests:

  • Visual inspection
  • Dye penetrant inspection
  • Magnetic particle method
  • Ultrasonic method
  • X-ray examination
  • Hardness measurement
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis


  • NDT inspection level 3
  • Test instructions


Reference Projects