Reference Projects Civil and Structural Engineering

Road Construction and Civil Engineering

REG 13, road construction: Ruhmannsfelden - March, BA 2

Improvement of the road REG 13 between Ruhmannsfelden and March over a total length of approx. 1.5 km and renewal of the culvert for the Auerbach.

A 3, Nuremberg - Passau, road surface renewal at junction Iggensbach (Germany)

Renewal / reinforcement of the existing superstructure of the A 3 Nuremberg-Passau motorway from operating kilometres 579.5 to 582.82 (equivalent to 3.32 km) in both directions including the Iggensbach junction with B and V lane and their junction branches, the heavy-duty lane at the Iggensbach junction and the passage of the Scherbach car park including B and V lane. Furthermore, the surface of the BW 165 was renewed.

B 11, extension south of Gotteszell, Hochbühl precut (Germany)

Road extension of the B 11 Deggendorf - Bayerisch Eisenstein over a total length of approx. 420 m with widening to three lanes in the area of the hilltop at Hochbühl. The works included the earthworks required within the framework of the lowering of the hilltop, the construction and adaptation of the drainage system, the construction of the superstructure and works on the subordinate road network.

St 2115, Arnstorf - Wabach road extension and new construction of a sidewalk and cycle path (BA 2) (Germany)

Road extension of the St 2115 Anstorf - Wabach and new construction of a 650 m long section north of the existing route. Over the entire length between Geiselsdorf and Arnstorf, the St 2115 was covered with a new asphalt base and top layer. Additionally two new outlets were laid under the St 2115 trenchlessly by using thrust boring method and a main drinking water pipeline (DA 250) was relocated. Moreover, a sidewalk and cycle path was constructed along the St 2115 from Wabach to Geiselsdorf.

B 11 / B 15, repair of the Wittstraße (BA I), Landshut (Germany)

Repair of the Landshut cross-town link (Wittstraße) in a 420 m long section between Kupfereck and the access road to the Josef-Deimer-Tunnel.


  • 3,500 t ballast base layer
  • 5,900 t asphalt layer
  • 1,500 m cable protection pipes
  • 150 m bus capstones
  • 1.100 m kerbs
  • 1,100 m 2-lines

Restructuring of the newtown in Landshut (Germany)

The project included the restructuring of the roadnetwork in the city centre of Landshut.
The roads as well as the parking areas and especially the pavements were redesigned.