Joint venture STREICHER-Bonatti carries out six lots of pipeline project EUGAL/Germany

On behalf of Gascade Gastransport GmbH the joint venture STREICHER-Bonatti carries out the lots 9 to 14 of the new EUGAL gas pipeline in the East of Germany.


The total route length of the lots, that have to be realised is approx. 220 km. Moreover, the order includes the execution of more than 250 crossings, 23 stations as well as special constructions at the rivers.
Right at the border to the Czech Republic in Deutschneudorf, STREICHER also carries out a new gas pressure regulating and metering station covering an area of 3.28 hectares.

The EUGAL with a diameter of DN 1400 expands on a total length of 485 km and runs along to OPAL, another important gas pipeline in whose execution STREICHER was significantly involved in the years 2009 until 2011.