Baltic Pipe Project – STREICHER carries out approx. 60 km gas pipeline in Denmark

As part of a joint venture project and on behalf of Energinet, STREICHER completed around 60 kilometers of a DN 800/DN 1000 gas pipeline in western Jutland/Denmark in autumn 2022.

Due to a nine-month construction freeze by the Danish Environmental Court, two construction crews had to work at the same time so that the planned commissioning date of mid-October 2022 could still be met.

The pipeline is part of the so-called "Baltic Pipe" project. The first plans for this already existed in 2001. The aim was to stabilise the natural gas supply within the EU on our own and to become less dependent on gas deliveries from the East – especially from Russia. A circumstance that has become more topical and urgent since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Parts of the pipeline run on Danish mainland and some large parts were laid offshore in the Baltic Sea between Denmark and Poland.