New technologies at a historic location

Since the year 2017, a biogas plant for the fermentation of biowaste has been in operation at the site of the old air war school in the city of Dresden. STREICHER Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG and STREICHER Tief- und Ingenieurbau Jena GmbH & Co. KG have now implemented a new biogas feed-in system.

 Biogas infeed plant

The reason for the contracted project from the local energy supplier SachsenNetzeHS.HD and the biogas producer was to enable the gas generated by the biogas plant to be used. To do this, first, all substances that are not contained in the gas in our natural gas pipelines will be removed. After that the pressure of the gas will be adjusted in the biogas infeed plant so that it can be fed into the natural gas pipeline.

In order to connect the biogas feed system with the biogas system, pipes had to be buried. Evidence of the past became visible, such as for example, foundations that are meters deep and thick and the rail system of an old lightweight hall and even several bomb impacts. This made the work considerably more difficult. Thanks to the good cooperation between the STREICHER subsidiaries STREICHER Tief- und Ingenieurbau Jena GmbH & Co. KG and STREICHER Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG, the project schedule could still be adhered to. 300 m³/h i. N. can now be checked for quality, compressed and fed into the local network with an adjusted calorific value. With the help of electrical sensor technology and cabling, the biogas feed-in system was "taught" to operate automatically, so that remote monitoring and a monthly maintenance tour significantly reduce the future operator's work.

Contact person: Katharina Julius

Construction period: 6 months