A versatile natural product

HARSTEINWERKE Vogtland GmbH & Co. KG has made the primary rock powder AgraBas® – a co-product of the diabas quarries – to a success for agriculture and private gardening.

Within the quarries of HARTSTEINWERKE a part of this fine material is processed to diabas primary rock powder. It is exhausted and collected in silos.

The main component of this pirmary rock powder is a high proportion of silica, clay and important minerals e.g. iron, calcium, magnesium. Moreover, the natural content of trace elements is essential for agriculture.

The applications for this powder are versatile. Besides fertilising it is also suitable for use within barns (both small animals as chicken or cowsheds). This is where the hygienic conditions of the powder have a special effect. Moreover, the powder is also used within biogas plants. Thus, decomposition processes are accelerated.

Under the protected trademark AgraBas® HARTSTEINWERKE offers the primary rock powder as 10 l bucket, 25 kg sack or 1,000 kg big bag. Bigger amounts, 25 t or more, are delivered by the company owned silo truck / free farmyard.