Successful installation of a gas system for power plant Azura Edo

On behalf of Siemens AG, MAX STREICHER Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG constructed a gas supply system for a gas turbine power station with a capacity of 450 MW in the South of Nigeria. The station is part of the power plant project Azura Edo.

Azura Edo

In the beginning of 2017, the plant has been dismounted and delivered to the South of Nigeria in 26 containers. The commissioning took place in the beginning of 2018.
The gas system constructed by STREICHER is the largest balance of plant component of this project.
Any devices, except from the main components, e.g. gas turbine, generator or steam boiler are known as „balance of plant“ components. The plant has been divided in individual skids and fully pre-assembled. The so called modular design made it possible to connect the flanges easily and quickly at the final destination.
The power plant Azura Edo supplies three Siemens E-class gas turbines, with a gas consumption of 120,000 standard cubic metres per hour and a capacity of 459 MW. Thereby, approx. 500,000 people can be supplied with energy according to european scale.