Green hydrogen for the industry park near Magdeburg

STREICHER Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG contributes extensive expertise to the implementation of the project

The energy turnaround is becoming a living reality near Magdeburg: as of 2024, local industrial companies are obligated to obtain their hydrogen gas requirements from renewable sources. For this purpose the operator ENERTRAG, one of the largest renewable energy companies in Germany, will produce hydrogen in the industrial park near Magdeburg, with the electrical energy required for electrolysis coming exclusively from renewable sources. In addition to that, hydrogen is to be fed medium-term into the ONTRAS' 100% hydrogen pipeline. In the first expansion stage, around two tons of green hydrogen will initially be produced per day with a 10 MW PEM electrolyser.

ENERTRAG has now concluded a contract with the companies STREICHER Anlagenbau and NEUMAN & ESSER to implement the compression, storage and filling required for further utilisation of the hydrogen. The company STREICHER Anlagenbau from Gommern is responsible for the technical and commercial project management, the planning of the entire system and the coordination of the trades involved. The service provider for sector coupling and hydrogen technology based in the region of the industry park also takes on the tasks of piping, storage and system completion in this project. "On the way to the energy turnaround, this project represents another important milestone for us in the right direction. We are pleased to be able to contribute our extensive experience to this project," says Sandra Moder, Managing Director of STREICHER Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG.