Modular vacuum chamber system S-Cube of STREICHER Pilsen

Designing vacuum chambers flexibly and online – with the new concept S-Cube of STREICHER, spol. s r.o. Plzeň.

vacuum chamber system S-Cube

Vacuum equipment is often designed to last for a very long time. However, technical requirements on vacuum systems are rapidly evolving in accordance with changing research or test department priorities. Rather than trying to do the same things better, we wanted to change the rules of the game and give a controlled vacuum space where modification is the norm rather than exception.

In comparison to welded vacuum chambers, our modular solution S-Cube enables the repositioning of individual segments compatible with each other. It is possible to connect a mix of chamber modules, e.g., cube, hexagon and cuboid to design a complex vacuum system. Besides, the user can equip removable chamber walls with a range of built-in accessories.

To provide customers with the shortest possible way of achieving an optimal vacuum chamber design, S-Cube team launched a configurator. This customizing online tool has been designed to quickly get and include the specs the user needs in the project.

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