STREICHER launches full-electrically driven horizontal drilling rig

The construction business is currently undergoing an enormous change as the requirements for safety, efficiency and environmental protection are steadily on the rise. STREICHER has made this issue one of its primary objectives to close an existing gap and to invest into technological developments. An example for this expertise is the company’s specially developed HDD rig with a modern electric drive technology – it has been designed by experienced expert personnel for practical operations..


Full-electrically driven horizontal directional drilling rig rig

Especially due to emission protection the full-electrically driven HDD80-E obtains major improvements. The system is much quieter than its previous models and reduces CO2 emissions significantly. Therefore urban projects can be carried out almost emission-free. A further great advantage is that the system is compatible with the public power energy. Moreover, the drilling rig can be moved without an external power supply. The rig convinces also by its enormous efficiency enhancement: The full-electrically drive system is able to feed back braking energy and later return it into the system where required – this means optimising energy consumption.

The HDD80-E is part of the new machine series „ecotec“, which combines future-oriented technology with longterm practical experience. According to the objective decarbonisation of the construction business these new series clearly helps to reduce the ecological footprint.

Flyer HDD80-E