Sustainability for the local region

MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA carried out several drillings for a new 20,000 volt cable connection in Plattling (Germany). STREICHER realised this complex project – including lines, that have to be laid up to 20 m below the river Isar – by using its new developed fully electric driven horizontal drilling rig.

In total STREICHER executed three drilling procedures lasting ten days each and reached a construction progress of approx. 500 m per decade. The project has already been successfully finished, the commissioning of the cable took place mid of 2021. Within this project the fully electric driven HDD rig HDD80-E has proved itself once more and convinced by efficiency improvement and significant CO2 reduction.

STREICHER has carried out the new medium-voltage connection below the river Isar on behalf of Bayernwerk Netz. With this activities the electricity grid operator prepares the ground for the energy supply of the future. The execution of this line is an important step towards energy future, because a modern and flexible grid forms the infrastructure for electricity out of renewable sources. More than 330,000 facilities for renewable energies have already been connected into the Bayernwerk grid.