Fully Electric Driven Drilling Rig HDD80-E on Duty in the Netherlands

A.Hak Netherlands has executed an approx. 810 m long well on behalf of Vermillion Energy Inc. by using the fully electric driven horizontal drilling rig (3rd device of the HDD80-E generation) completed in summer 2023 by MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA.

Near Oppenhuizen/Friesland (The Netherlands) a connection between a gas field an a gas station is currently carried out. Within this contract 17 wells with a total length of 6.4 km have to be realised.Here A.Hak uses the fully electric driven HDD80-E developed by STREICHER – and thereby takes into account the requirements for more efficiency and sustainability of the client. In comparison to an execution by using the open trench method dewatering measures can be avoided and the drilling is very gentle and environmentally friendly. Following the completion of each drilling a PPE coated steel pipe (diameter 250 mm) is pulled in. The project shall be completed in December 2023.