Interne Termine

Non-destructive testing and quality assurance

All technology sectors are characterised by the use of more and more high-quality materials. This means highest quality requirements within all processing steps.

Non-destructive testing

STREICHER supports these processing steps and guarantees an extensive quality control. Here the company is not just limited to the testing of welding connections or materials by current procedures of „non-destructive testing“, but also accompanies customers from the start of construction works until their approval. Here you can find further information.

The STREICHER inspection staff is certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 9712 and is able to carry out inspections within DGRL 2014/68/EU acc. to the following regulations: AD 2000, DVGW, DIN EN 13445 and DIN EN 140152. Moreover, the inspections can be executed in accordance with special requirements of the customers.