STREICHER, spol. s r.o. Plzeň

Experience and Expertise in Pipeline Construction and Mechanical Engineering

The subsidiary STREICHER, spol. s r.o. Plzeň with its headquarters in Štěnovice/Czech Republic operates within the business fields of pipeline construction and mechanical engineering.

In the pipeline construction sector, the company mainly concentrates on new construction and rehabilitation of gas pipelines. Aside from the construction of supply and disposal networks (water supply networks, canalisation, water tanks) and the execution of horizontal drillings, the construction of industrial buildings belongs to the range of services, too.

Within the field of mechanical engineering, STREICHER Plzeň manufactures complete plants and components for research, development and production for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, food technology and vacuum coating. The services include the development of the plants, the manufacturing as well as the assembly at the site of installation. Within this business sector, there is a close cooperation with the company STREICHER Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG in Deggendorf and its branch in Freiberg (Germany).

Scope of Services

Pipeline Construction

  • Construction and rehabilitation of gas, water and sewage pipelines of different materials
  • Construction, inspection, maintenance and revision of regulating stations and other gas supply plants
  • Replacement of valve stations as well as corrosion examination
  • Execution of pressure and stress tests
  • Installation of treatment plants, pump stations, water towers etc.
  • Execution of Horizontal Directional Drillings (HDD)
  • Laying of pipelines by using plough technology

Mechanical Engineering

  • Vacuum chambers, condensators and freeze-drying plants
  • Evaporators, condensators and components for short path and thin film distillation plants
  • Vacuum and pressure chambers or complete plants for research and development
  • Vacuum and pressure vessels of stainless steel and C-steel for different industries
  • Vacuum coating plants for architecture glass, foils and solar panels
  • Vacuum melting and re-melting plants for special materials
  • Vacuum furnaces (e.g. for gear components)
  • Reactors and mixing plants for the food industry

Industrial Construction

  • Construction of industrial halls, administration and residential buildings
  • Building developer activity

Electrical Engineering

  • Engineering, assembly, inspection and maintenance of electrotechnical plants


STREICHER, spol. s r.o. Plzeň
Plzeňská 565
33209 Štěnovice
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 377 150-311

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