STREICHER Drilling Technology GmbH

Design, Construction and Service of Innovative Drilling Rigs and Drilling Components

STREICHER Drilling Technology GmbH manufactures mobile vertical drilling rigs with a hook load of up to 220 short tons as well as equipment and accessories for the drilling industry.

As a reliable and innovative partner, STREICHER Drilling Technology has current knowledge for the use of deep drilling rigs in the oil and gas industry and is also successful in the sector of water drilling rigs. Besides the common certificates (e.g. DIN EN ISO 9001 or SCCp), the drilling rigs meet also various national and international standards.

STREICHER Drilling Technology GmbH offers design, manufacturing and supply of drilling rigs. The scope of services also includes maintenance and repair works in drilling technology.

Whether it is vertical or horizontal drilling, onshore or offshore - in cooperation with the business sector drilling technology of the parent company MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA, a suitable solution for every drilling project will be worked out.

Scope of services

  • Construction and manufacturing of mobile vertical drilling and workover rigs with hook loads up to 220 short tons
  • Modification concepts for drilling rigs (change to new hydraulic systems)
  • General overhaul and refurbishment of major rigs and components, e.g. roughnecks, top drives etc.
  • Manufacturing of drilling equipment
  • Maintenance and repair services, training


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