DrillTec GUT GmbH Großbohr- und Umwelttechnik

Innovation, Performance and Quality in Deep and Horizontal Directional Drilling

DrillTec GUT GmbH Großbohr- und Umwelttechnik is an international full service supplier for deep drilling as well as horizontal directional drilling. The service portfolio ranges from feasibility studies, local authorities procedures and planning to execution of deep and horizontal drillings as well as the dismantling of existing wells. Besides the headquarters in Deggendorf, DrillTec is present on site with own subsidiaries and project offices.

As a professional partner of companies in the oil and gas industry, DrillTec meets very high requirements with regard to quality, health, safety and environmental standards. As a certified company according to ISO, SCCp and FPAL standards, safety and quality have major priority for all employees.

All drilling rigs are designed and manufactured in close cooperation between DrillTec and the department drilling technology of the parent company. In this way, the rigs can be adapted to the demands of the drilling projects in the best possible way; service and maintenance go hand in hand.

Recently, DrillTec executed a lot of oil, gas and geothermic wells of up to 5,000 m in Germany and other European countries. In the area of HDD the reference projects include river crossings, shore crossings or crossings of environmental sensible onshore and offshore sections with lengths of up to 3,000 m.

Scope of Services

Deep Drillings

  • Drilling of wells for hydrocarbons, geothermal and gas storage wells
  • Coordination and additional drilling services in cooperation with partner companies: pipe installation, drilling fluids, casing drilling, supply of BHA components and customer specific data management
  • Difficult workover and abandonment services
  • Engineering services: planning, studies, local authorities procedures, personnel recruiting, drilling documentation including entire project management (EPC)

Horizontal Directional Drillings (HDD)

  • Feasibility studies
  • Planning, coordination and execution of complex HDD projects as part of EPC contracts
  • Shore crossings
  • Outfalls for sewage
  • Crossings (e.g. mountain crossings, river crossings)
  • Drainage and horizontal filter wells


DrillTec GUT GmbH
Großbohr- und Umwelttechnik

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